2016 RMTC Gear Order

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it is that time of year to order your triathlon and cycling gear for the 2016 season. This is your only chance to do so. 

To place an order, please use this link: Gear Order Form


We have the following items available:

  • Triathlon tops and shorts by Sugoi
  • Cycling jerseys, shorts, bibs, vests, jackets, and other accessories (socks/warmers/skull caps) by Champion Systems 
  • Swim suits from Splish (One and two piece suits for women, jammers and speedos for men)

Order now and receive $10 off any item up to two items. (The discount does not apply to cycling accessories.)

All orders must be submitted by April 4th. Gear should be ready by the end of May. Once you submit your order, you will receive a separate email with payment instructions within a few days.

This is the one time of the year that we will place an order so be sure to submit yours. Since this is custom gear all sales are final. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Woods at wordwoods@msn.com.


Tim Woods

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