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boulderYeah, you can read the athlete guide and it’ll be comprehensive, but the officer team wanted to make sure you knew the most important stuff, direct from those who know! So, here it is, the 10 tips to Ironman Boulder!


  1. V8 and Pickles are a tasty solution for salt replacement.
  2. Boulder Res has no sharks, so panic attacks in the water are useless
  3. In Boulder they ask “WWDD” (What would Dave Do?)
  4. Cruisers are optional, but water wings are not allowed
  5. Eat some food and enjoy the great restaurants Boulder has to offer.
  6. Buying socks at the Dollar Store is a great way to keep your feet warm, safe and sound while heading from transition to the swim
  7. When you hear a cowbell clanging, it’s for you
  8. There is no parking at boulder res on race day.
  9. A 30-second pit stop in the porta potty during T-1 and T-2 will ultimately save you time versus carry a full bladder.
  10. And finally, zip your wetsuit up in the back!
Jen Nestel
Jen Nestel
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