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If you haven’t heard yet our very own Khem Suthiwan will be competing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this year as a representative of  Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Not only will she be competing, she’s committed to raising $75,000 for the cause!  Reporting from the Colorado Athletic Club hot tub, VP Meg Rapp asked Khem the questions on everyone’s mind…

11204910_10152886421245025_1341077841026238437_nDescribe your first bike.  
Columbia Blue Angel Bike with a banana seat and white streamers on the ape hanger handle bars. My parents never let me ride in the road, so I thought I was pretty badass riding it up and down the sidewalk of our block…with my eyes closed.
Tell me about your worst chafing or sunburn from a race.
St. Anthony’s Triathlon 2010. Overcast skies on race day. It was my first Olympic tri and I totally forgot to put on sunscreen. My legs were super crispy afterwards.
 Do you have any pre-race rituals or meals?  What are they?Night before race meal: Baked salmon with Brussels sprouts and baked sweet potato loaded with real butter. Morning of pre-race meal: Quaker Instant Oatmeal with honey…and a banana with chocolate almond butter for full IM races.  One packet of Montana Hucleberry Hammer Gel about 30-45 minutes before go tome.  Pre-race ritual: After setting up my stuff, find a quiet spot in transition away from the madness and breathe.  
What theme music would play to a film of your life and why?
“I Lived” by OneRepublic – because each day I wake up is a gift and I never want to waste it and take it for granted…so I have to give it all I have. 
Who or what in triathlon inspires you?
This sport is such a funny thing and people do it for so many reasons. Lose weight, therapy, make friends, qualify for Kona, etc. For me it’s learning about everyone’s journey. We all started somewhere, we all are working towards some sort of goal, and we all have hardships and adversities to overcome along the way. It’s all the amazing stories I get to hear from all the people I’ve met that continue to inspire me each and every day, motivating me to work harder to become a better athlete. 
What’s your favorite workout?  (the correct answer is Monday Morning Swim Club hot tub time)
Monday Morning Swim Club with hot tub time (of course!!). Also, long rides up in Boulder with a stop at Mary’s Market for a Magic Bar and seeing all the fun farm animals including Winston the Pig and Checkers the llama.
What’s your plan post-Kona?
Take a break from racing IRONMANs, long bike rides, reconnect with friends, spend time with family, go on vacations that don’t involve a race, focus on coaching, volunteer at races, and try to remember what it’s like to have a life outside of IRONMAN.  


Race Preference:  Small and Local or Big and National?
Big and National! Go Big or Go Home!

Pee on the bike or hold it for a port-a-potty? 
Pee on the bike…and a lot, but only during races. 🙂

Swim Preference:  Ocean, Pool, River, or Lake?

Roller Coasters:  Deathly Afraid, Wooden, Steel, or ALL OF THEM!
Wooden and steel…bring on the corkscrews!!

Timing Chip:  Right or Left?

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