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1. How long have you been in CO? and a member of RMTC? Been in Colorado about 10 years. A member of RMTC for nearly 3 years. Wish I would have found RMTC sooner!

2. What was your first endurance event?
First and best was a century ride around Tahoe with Team In Training in 2001 with one of my sisters who had recently been diagnosed with a blood disorder and was going through chemo and other crap. A bit challenging for us having trained at sea level, therefore the accomplishment was that much greater.

3. What’s your favorite (local) event?
“Event” as in multisport or other, non-sporting event? ; ) Pretty certain it would be a tie between the Beer Mile and the Oktoberfest tri relays if only I could actually get to one of them. Breck Oktoberfest for non-sporting “event”. ; ]

4. What is your A race this year?
Since I only recently learned what an “A” race was: Boulder HIM. SO much fun seeing all the RMTC faces on and off the course. Made my first major (“A”) race a blast, thank you!

5. What do you do when you’re not training?
Hiking/playing with my pups, mountain biking, SUPing, trying new, local craft beers, picking up dog poo.

6. What is your favorite excuse for not training? Since I actually don’t race very often, I haven’t had the need to find an excuse to not train when there is/was an event on the calendar. If I raced more I’m guessing the excuse would be I need to sleep.

7. If you could ride a tandem bike with any celebrity who would it be? And why? Dead celebrity: Teddy Roosevelt to thank him for saving us some green space and being a champion of conservation (and I think he’d give awesome bear hugs). Living celebrity: Sandra Bullock – how much fun would that be?!

8. What skill or experience would no one guess you have?
Played classic violin for nearly 20 years (and it’s been about 20 since I’ve played) and showed Quarter Horses for about the same amount of time – but not AT the same time.

Speed Round:
Bathroom breaks: Wetsuit or wait? Wetsuit
Chews or Gels? Gels (learned the hard way what chews will do to me on a jog)
Sun or snow? Both Swim, bike or run? Bike (MOUNTAIN!)

Jen Nestel
Jen Nestel
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