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Member Spotlight: Thomas Kennedy

He’s a staple at work-outs, a volunteer master, and an all-around-interesting-guy, but what makes Thomas Kennedy tick? This won’t answer any of those questions, but enjoy!

How long have you been a member of RMTC?

A couple of years now, but the lack of a life makes it seem a lot longer to everyone else.  I’m a member because a half-naked David Heller told me that I shouldn’t deny the passion between us and since we only see each other at endurance weirdness I have to keep being a member so I’m not in denial.

What was your first endurance event?

My first real endurance event was the 1981 Bolder Boulder, I don’t remember a lot about the race (Yes, Mr. Harrison I was a little kid) but if you’re curious about the race ask RMTC Member Ellen Hart, she won the female side of race and got to chase Frank around town too.

What has been your favorite event?

I have been yelled at for many things, being sentimental is not one of them (Thanks Tony Stark for the answer quote start point).  However, the Grin & Bear It will always have a special place because I had to be carried off the mountain on horseback after tearing all the ligaments in my ankle and I have thus far refused to return.

What is your A race for this year?

I’m going to go find a true IM 70.3 this year at some point and just show up, so that I can get half of the dot M tattoo with the other half being labeled “people here are strange”.  So if an “A” race is a race with a goal, I got one there somewhere.

What do you do when you’re not training?

As discussed with Tim Woods during track the other night I would rather not discuss why I have a special fit shock collar (he told me he would not judge), though currently I’m in the middle of the Ding Dong Wars in which I have set out to prove Khem Suthiwan’s theorem that “I have way to much free time”.  Beyond that, I continue to pay penance for hubris at the DRM.

Favorite place to run? Gruyeres Switzerland; I spent a significant amount of time there learning to walk and run again and was told to find “joy-in-your-heart” repeatedly so I did find a “happy place” there around the castle.

What is your favorite excuse for not training?

Unless you’re the Kayak, or Charley, or a select few, we are doing all this weirdness for trinkets (Thanks for the thought Glen).  Do I really need an excuse?  However because of my condition I rarely want an excuse, so a true day off is exceptionally rare which explains the lack of significant other.

If we take a look inside your refrigerator what will we find?

Food? I mean what else do people keep in their refrigerators?  I know that Jimmy Hoffa’s head isn’t normally in people’s refrigerators, but an associate ask me to watch over it for a time so it’s just kind of a side item. I also keep my drugs there, but they are legal so that’s boring.

Do you have any race day rituals or superstitions?

Blood sugar check & adjustment one hour before start, after that it’s all gravy.

You would never run without your …

I would like to say clothes, but already proved that statement not true thanks to end of the season party for the CSU Cross Country Team.

If you could ride a tandem bike with any celebrity who would it be? And why?

Beyond saying Jesus, Gandhi, or Buddha the answer is going to get me high-fived by half the membership and the ever-living crap kicked out of me by the other half.  Of course I could also use the answers Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton, Rachel Joyce, John Newsom, Nikki Haley, Allen Russell,  or Bevan James Eyles for a whole host of reasons that would go on for days and days.  And of course there is the local celebrity Charlie Perez, but he would be off for therapy as soon as the ride was finished.

What are you currently reading? Does it have pictures?

Court Case Nos. 86CW066,  95CW126, 99CW225, & 09CW033; they don’t have pictures but I have applied enough highlighter and pen marks that Jackson Pollock aficionados may consider purchasing them as art.

What skill or experience would no one guess you have?

Though most people know I drive people nuts, I do count it as a special skill because I get paid to do it on regular bases.  In addition, I have a special feel for Phantom of the Opera and have seen it a several points around the global, the best of which has to be the old theaters in San Francisco.

Speed Round:

Bathroom breaks: Wetsuit or wait? What’s the true nature of the relationship with the wetsuit like?

Chews or Gels? Depends, what are we doing with it after?

Sun or snow? Who cares, it will change in a few minutes anyways.  With the exception that if I have every have to survive another calving season again it better be sunny everyday with no precipitation (hey, a guy can dream or have a nightmare depending on point of view).

Swim, bike or run? There other parameters to be considered:  Is the lake monster going to get me? Is Helena involved? Do I like my running shoes at the moment?  These are heavy considerations

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