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Welcome to the updated RMTC website. This site was built to better serve our members. Below you’ll find some highlights around why we updated the experience and what features have changed/improved. This website will continue to change based on your ongoing feedback!

Disclaimer: This is a new website, so you may come across bugs or questions – please don’t hesitate to shoot your feedback to the officer team so we can continue to improve your experience!

Why did we change the site?

Members Asked for It: We sent a survey in 2014 asking members what they liked, didn’t like, and what else they wanted out of a website. This feedback is how we developed the new features and enhancements to the site!

Webmaster (Nerdy) Perspective: Our current website is outdated from a technology standpoint and continues to crash.

We currently have separate systems that don’t speak to each other. Our database of members is separate from our newsletter, separate from google groups, separate from our calendar and separate from our website. This causes a LOT of manual work on our volunteer officers. And when there’s manual work, we leave ourselves open to human errors!

So, what changed?

Weekly Workouts: You can access the details by selecting weekly workouts from the top navigation on any page. You can also view and RSVP to upcoming workouts on the calendar.

Profile: Yes, we have profiles! We live in a world filled with helmets, goggles, sunglasses, hats, and SPANDEX. This is a place to show people who you are in the real world, you know the one outside of training & racing! We suggest you use your picture and your real name!

Google Groups are now Forums: We’ve moved the same functionality to the website. This means you only need to login to one location –! Select “Community” and you’re in the forums. Here you can find some premade categories to keep topics a little more organized. Want to setup a ride?  Need advice? Want to sell an old bike? This is your place! …and it’s searchable, so the conversation can evolve over time as opposed to having to start and re-start!

Calendar: This is your one stop shop to see all upcoming workouts and events. And you can RSVP to events and workouts as well as see who else has RSVP’d!

There are a lot of new enhancements to the site to better serve you. We don’t claim this is perfect or a finished product. Our officer team is in place to continuously evolve our club to best serve its members – and that includes this website.

If you have questions or suggestions for change, please send an email to officers <at>
Jen Nestel
Jen Nestel
Wannabe Triathlete
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