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RMTC hipster correspondent Brad Boyle caught up with Wes Frame at The Source to share some tacos, margs and conversation. Wes is a Wisconsin native, can say a few words in Spanish, and is an electrician by trade. He’s also a pretty good looking and interesting fellow.

Last season you competed in your first Ironman and it’s safe to say you had a good and successful race. What’s on tap for this season?

  • After last season I’m looking more for unconventional races so I’ll be doing several Xterra’s (Gowdy & Aspen) over the summer and the Burning Can relay in Lyons this weekend. The relay is with a 2-person team trail race with the winning team being the team who can record the most laps in a given time period. Bonus points if you drink a beer before the lap. I also did the Flying Pig 3-way race in Cincinnati earlier this spring which is a 10k then 5k on Saturday with a half marathon on Sunday.

Are “unconventional races” a reflection of your personality?

  • I’d say so. These will be my first Xterra’s.

What has been the biggest adjustment going from Ironman training to Xterra’s?

  • I’m having a bit more fun and smiling more after training sessions. I’ve been riding mountain bikes since high school and needed a new challenge, and break, after the Ironman but I’ll get back to road racing and have my eyes on IM Wisconsin.

Give me your triathlon evolution- how did you decide to get into the sport?

  • In high school I really wanted to hit people so I went out for football. My coach said I was pretty fast and suggested I try track. High jump ended up being my best event. I was always into biking so it made sense to combine them and try a tri. I enjoyed team sports but really like the personal challenge of individual pursuits.

What is your go to spot to refuel after a training session?

  • The Source is my refueling spot. Training can be lonely and The Source is a social place. Coffee, tacos, beer, and lots of people.

Are you particular about your coffee?

  •  I never drank coffee prior to triathlon. My track coach in high school persuaded us to stay away from caffeine. Once I started doing tri’s I needed an espresso for my 4am workouts. My new drink is the Dirty Chai Latte from Boxcar Coffee at The Source- they add a little cayenne pepper which gives it some pop.

Is there a favorite or particularly memorable ride you’ve done?

  • I was on the island of Maui for vacation and told the folks I was with I wanted to get out for a long ride one of the days. When I travel I like to take a day and see how far I can ride just to explore and see the destination from a different perspective. It was towards the end of the vacation and I was itching to head for a ride. I rented a nice bike from a bicycle shop in Lahaina and began to ride north north along the coast. It was beautiful. Ocean, greenery, mountains, people. Beautiful. To cap it off it was whale season and I could spot the whales as I rode. I had wanted to get out to do that ride for a long time and had planned on 70 miles or so. I was about 30 miles my chain snapped. I’ve never broken a chain in the past and I don’t put out absurd power to cause a chain to snap. Obviously not much I could do about a broken chain. I called the shop and the owner apologized profusely and offered to come pick me up. So I had about 30 minutes to sit on a hill and watch the whales, the surfers, and the ocean. Even though I didn’t get to complete my ride it’s the one that I remember most. Funny how things work out.

Anything else you’d like the world to know?

  • RMTC is pound for pound the best tri club in the country. Mostly because it has lots of small people but I’ve been a part of other clubs and the value we get is bar none. RMTC has been a foundation of success for me and I feel blessed to be a part of it.
The 2015 President for RMTC, KP loves to do triathlons, write emails about triathlons, and play outside (specifically skiing uphill).
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