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Workout times and locations vary depending on the time of year, and are subject to change on a week-to-week basis. Club members can view the locations and workout details each week on the Member’s section of the RMTC website, under Weekly Workout.


Tuesday “track” or interval-focused run workouts take place most of the year. Locations vary depending on the season, but usually we utilize a track at a Denver Public School in the Spring through the Fall, and run in one of the large Denver Parks through the Winter months (Washington Park, City Park, etc.) We occasionally meet at Ruby Hill Park or Mile High Stadium to run hills as well

Thursday run workouts also take place most of the year. In the Summer months, these are often trail runs that take place on the various trails in the foothills.


In the Summer many members enjoy swimming at the Gravel Pond at Chatfield State Park. We have several organized events there throughout the Summer months.

We also swim at an area pool once or twice per week throughout the year.


Saturday and/or Sunday morning bike rides and bricks take place year-round at various locations across the Front Range, from Sedalia to Boulder.

Monthly club meetings typically take place the 1st Tuesday of each month (except Dec-Feb) immediately following the track workout. The location of the meetings changes from month to month.

We do encourage individuals to register as a member prior to joining the club for a workout. This is for liability reasons. However, if you want to check things out first, email the officer team at as requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Here is a link to our waiver if you plan to come to a workout and are not yet a member:

RMTC members are welcome to attend as many or as few of the workouts as they choose.

Club workouts cater to ALL LEVELS of athlete. Whether you are considering doing a triathlon for the first time or are used to placing on the podium at races, we have a workout and club members who are at your level. Run workouts range from approximately 3 miles to 6 miles, rides range from 20-80 miles and swims range from 2500 to 3500 yards.

Yes! RMTC members are athletes of all fitness abilities and levels ranging from first-timers to seasoned veterans to even a few professionals.

No, you do not have to be a USAT member to join the Rocky Mountain Triathlon club.

The track workouts start with a warm-up of approximately 800 meters, followed by group stretching and plyometric drills. The workout is designed to increase speed and endurance usually consists of repeats around the track in varying intensities and distances, depending on the members’ level of fitness. Members can view the specifics of each workout under the Weekly Workout section of the website each week.

The swims are approximately 60-75 minutes long and range in distance and intensity depending on the members’ level of fitness. There are three different levels of swim workout offered each week ranging from approximately 2000 meters to 3500 meters. The workouts typically consist of a warm-up, drills and combination of endurance sets and sprints, followed by a cool-down. There are typically 4 people sharing a lane.

The swim workouts are designed for people who already have a basic level of swim skill and fitness. Please contact for additional information and recommendations regarding individual swim instruction or lessons.

Bike workouts vary for location and distances. For larger group rides, we will try to assign group leaders based on ability. RidewithGPS links are always provided for each ride as well. It is your responsibility to bring your own water, nutrition, and tire repair kits (tubes and CO2 cartridges) for rides.

Members can join our private Google Group, which is great for this purpose. Simply post a message that you are planning a workout (ride/run/swim) and would like company, and usually at least a few people will join you!

RMTC members race in a variety of triathlons, running races, duathlons, bike rides and aquathons here in Colorado each year, as well as a number of national and international races. There are several races in Colorado each season that are designated as club races, and RMTC members are encouraged to participate. 

Please request membership to the Google Group through our Contact Form.

The RMTC membership fee does not include fees that may be required for entry to state parks, swimming pools, city rec centers, etc.

Once you have registered and submitted payment for your RMTC membership, you will receive an email with your login and password. Once you log in to the RMTC website, you can reset your password.

Once you are a registered member, you can log into the web site and click on the “Sponsors” link. You will find a list of the sponsors. More information and specific discount codes can be found by visiting the Sponsor Discount Codes page on our website (members only).

There are a number of RMTC members each year who train for Ironman triathlons. While there is not a club-wide training program that is designed specifically for these athletes, the coached workouts can be adjusted and/or lengthened to accommodate the training needs of these athletes. Additional information regarding individual coaching and training plans for Ironman training can be found under the “coaches” link.

RMTC does have coaches available for hire for private coaching. Please visit the “Coaches” section on the web site.

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