Enhance your triathlon training with early brick workout.

Even though bricks are traditionally reserved for the build period and these workouts are often introduced later in the training schedule. Here’s a valuable tip I use myself, that could better your approach to triathlon training: kickstart your season by integrating a short 10-15 minute aerobic run immediately after your longer weekly bike workout.

This practice benefits you in several ways.

It helps your muscles adapt to different movements after cycling, making it particularly valuable if you are new to triathlon and not used to this transition. The Transition (T2), the shift between biking and running in a triathlon, becomes more manageable with early incorporation of short T2 runs. It allows your muscles to adapt gradually, reducing the shock of transitioning between these disciplines during the actual race. It also helps you prepare for the mental aspect and focus during periods of fatigue. Preparing for the mental challenges of a triathlon, especially during transitions, becomes more manageable as your mind learns to maintain focus even in a fatigued state.

Begin with shorter runs, gradually increasing the duration as your body adapts.

Focus on your Form:
Emphasize proper running form during these short sessions to enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of injuries.

Mindful Fatigue Management:
Use these early brick workouts to develop mental strategies for managing fatigue during transitions.

By integrating early brick workouts into your triathlon training regimen, you’re not just preparing your body; you’re building a mental resilience that will prove invaluable on race day. Start the transition early, and watch as you develop triathlon success and a confidence that will prepare you for your race.

Jeannete Sorensen Hickok

Jeannete Sorensen Hickok

You Can Multisport

A devoted member of RMTC since 2005, Jeannete brings a unique coaching approach, seamlessly integrating structured training, a positive mindset, and focus on healthy whole food nutrition to propel athletes towards their fitness aspirations.

Certified as a USAT triathlon coach and NASM Personal Trainer in 2007, Jeannete has earned many certifications, including ACE Health Coach, USMS Swim Instructor, fitness Instructor, certified ACE Sport Nutritionist and PQ Mindset Coach. Her diverse skill set is a reflection of her commitment to coaching.

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