Fitness and proper nutrition plays the most important part in performing well in a race. What most of us forget is that mental fitness also is important to overcome challenges and perform at your best. Mental fitness helps you stay present and fully engaged in the moment. In a triathlon, this helps manage your stress to stay focused. Controlled breathing and focusing on your movements can calm nerves, helping you with more concentration during the race.

Using positive affirmations and breathing techniques in training and race preparation can have a huge impact on your mental state. Repeating statements like “I am strong,” “I am resilient,” or “I will overcome challenges,” builds confidence and mental toughness in your subconscious mind.

Visualization is one way to prepare. Picture each segment of the triathlon race – the swim, T1, bike, T2 and run and finish. By doing this creates a positive mental image of success and can help you boost confidence and reduce your anxiety. Pre-race butterflies are normal, but getting over anxiety is tough. This is where mental fitness techniques help change nervous energy positively.

Start weeks before a race and write down your expectation of how you want your race to look like. Visualize it every day and night. Picture yourself at the finish line. Think of affirmations you can use during the race. write them down. Repeat them every day.

Athletes with strong mental resilience can handle discomfort, setbacks, and fatigueness, and stay focused with a determination to push through. Preparing for a race being mentally strong helps you adapt to changes and stay focused on your race, even when you’re faced with unexpected challenges. A calm and focused mindset can help enhance your performance and make the race go more smoothly.

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Jeannete Sorensen Hickok

Jeannete Sorensen Hickok

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A devoted member of RMTC since 2005, Jeannete brings a unique coaching approach, seamlessly integrating structured training, a positive mindset, and focus on healthy whole food nutrition to propel athletes towards their fitness aspirations.

Certified as a USAT triathlon coach and NASM Personal Trainer in 2007, Jeannete has earned many certifications, including ACE Health Coach, USMS Swim Instructor, fitness Instructor, certified ACE Sport Nutritionist and PQ Mindset Coach. Her diverse skill set is a reflection of her commitment to coaching.

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