There are a number of ways that you can increase the aerodynamics to reduce drag which allows for less effort to be used and hold the same speed. From the tip of your fingers to the very back of your bike presents a number of opportunities that can be considered. At my Level 2 USA Tri Coach Certification in Florida I had the opportunity to discuss aerodynamic optimization with one of my classmates, John DiPalo. I asked him if he’d be interested in leading one of the Wolfpack Virtual Presentations — Things that Make you Go Zoom (Where Can I get Some Watts). The presentation goes beyond positioning to discuss specific wattage savings. After you watch, if you’d like more information, you can reach John DiPalo (No Limits Endurance Coaching) at to discuss what he shared and/or I am happy to take time to do an aero assessment and discuss enhancement strategies: Colorado provides endless Time Trialing racing opportunities (like the Karen Hornbostel Memorial TT Series) to hone your aero position and this presentation is a good start to get an understanding of what you can work towards.

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John Bye

John Bye

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John Bye is a USA Triathlon Certified Level 2 Coach, based out of Golden, CO, who helps highly motivated athletes become competitive triathletes. “The Wolfpack” has athletes all around the country and includes competitive age-groupers to first-time triathletes ranging in age from the low 20’s to the mid-60’s. Based upon the individual needs of the athlete, coaching can be done virtually or in the Denver area with the “Rocky Mountain Wolfpack”.

He is the Founder of Bring Your Everyday Beast Coaching (B.Y.E.-BEAST LLC) —

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